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PRUMC High School Basketball League

2023-24 Calendar:

Sept 24 - Deadline for team captains to register (and request their team set up) 
Once teams are set up (by the administrator) they will appear in a drop-down menu during the registration process for the other players.

 Additional players may be added anytime during the regular season.

Oct 1 - Teams must have nine players registered 

Oct 16 - Regular season games begin

April 15 - Tournament Begins (tournament information)


Oct - Nov: Sunday evenings

Dec - May: Monday -Thursday evenings, Sundays

Registration Fee:  $190 per player

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Current Season's Rosters

Team Contact Information

2023-24 Regular Season Schedule

Tournament Information

Past Tournament Champions:

2001-02 - I-75

2002-03 -

2003-04 - Mon-Stars

2004-05 - Westminster Justice League

2005-06 - Wolfpack

2006-07 - Smurfz

2007-08 - Team Jesp

2008-09 - Convicts

2009-10 - Coal Miners

2010-11 - Lebrontourage

2011-12 - Raccoonz

2012-13 - Air Jortin'

2013-14 - C.C. All Stars

2014-15 - C.C. All Stars

2015-16 - Miami Yeet - Westminster 11

2016-17 - Miami Yeet - Westminster 12

2017-18 - Pace W. Boiz - Pace 11

2018-19 - W.A.P.D. - Whitfield 12

2019-20 - COVID-19

2020-21 - Respectable gentleman (11th Marist Ryan Phelan)

2021-22 - Cheezie Weezie's (12th Pace Alex Karamanolis)

2022-23 - Troop Lovers (12th Pace Porter Kendal)

2023-24 - Rod Wave Elite (9th NAHS Graham Overby)

Registration Procedure:

Parents register players individually on line. If new to PRUMC, this will include setting up a family account.
There will be an opportunity to designate a player as "team captain" or list the team captain you want to play for.
Each team must have a designated "Official Team Parent".  (That means a parent of one of the players on the team). 

Important Notes Regarding The League:

​League Rules - (Important - Please read and share with all players)


Each team must have a minimum of 9 players
Players who appear on any high school varsity basketball roster for the current school year are ineligible as players
No Checks or team registrations will be accepted
Participants must be on their team's official roster
Player must be prepared to show photo ID at all times



Please contact Charles Akin at

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